Muslim Clothing perceptivity not obsolete

CREATE clothing that is not easily cracked by the time the desire pendesain Ir. Tuti Adib Adjiputra, M.M. Clothing-fashionable clothing that is not obsolete trek he made from sifon, silk, organdi, raw silk, and silk batik. He hopes his work clothes-clothes that can be a choice of the women who will celebrate Idulfitri.

"The design is classic and feminine characteristic of me," said Tuti about fashion-themed clothing "Romantic glamor" that was held in Grande Market Raya Kebayoran, South Jakarta, has not been this long.

Tuti mengadaptasikan from Solo batik clothing for fashion-Muslim nuances of chocolate and red marun. This is the city of Solo Tuti initiated his career in fashion design and many Islamic.

"Previously, in 1998 my very difficult to get dressed and elegant, the Muslim an0ggun," said Tuti that since 1998 impose Muslim clothing. So, he is also making its own clothes and a Muslim house in Solo mode.

Back to realizing the meaning of Hijab

Happy days at a time to test the Hijaber (If so may be called) world falls on 4 September. Precisely, the International Hijab Solidarity Day. Moment coincides with Ramadan, the more clearly the meaning of solidarity is strengthened. How not, when Muslim abroad there, especially in Europe must be secretly with Hijabnya, some Muslim here mensia wasted suggestion for berHijab.

Apart from the suggestion that, it's good we recall the meaning of Hijab for a Muslim. The warning, the Forum Institute Silaturrahim Dakwah Campus (FSLDK) the action to defend the Hijab. Action FDLDK activist held at the Office of Governor of West Sumatra, on Thursday (21 / 8) ago. Events International Hijab Solidarity Day at the Padang is seen as a form of feeling sympathy and concern with the fate of women in Europe.

Chairman of the General Pengkajian Islamic Institute (LPI) of the Faculty of Law University, Rudianto Rahmat, said the Muslim minority in Europe, including, therefore we need to help them meyuarakan rights for the sake of humanity.

"However, behind the concern, the Muslim who has previously using islamic cloting can function again memaknai they wear Hijab. Do not leave, because only one individual act, strike the name of the Hijab of the world, "harapnya.

Apart from that, he added the role of Eve in the campus is very important. The involvement of womenfolk in the campus movement, will form a strong Muslim and intrepid. Chairman of the General Forum Islamic Studies (FSI) Unand Rabbani, Ricki said, Ramadan is the beginning of the test for fellow Muslims to defend Islam and Muslim people that their rights terabaikan.

"What we care about them? Of course with this action, we can regenerate the spirit of the struggle has not ended, "said a student at the Faculty of Agriculture Unand it.

Up phenomenon, and Ricki want the existence of a rule during the Muslim month of fasting for the Hijab. This is because he utarakan in Europe the freedom to wear Hijab is still limited, while in India we have the right use. "Why do we need a-nyiakannya," he added.

The Hijab and Muslim countries in Europe had previously prohibited. But recently, in the countries France, Germany and Turkey began to be allowed. Birth of the International Hijab Solidarity day begins from the Pro-Hijab Conference held 4 September 2004 in London, UK. A result, ended with a petition of support Hijab.

All conference participants also agreed to set Hijab international day of solidarity, and action plan to defend the rights of women remain Muslim maintain their godly fashion.

With the theme "Assembly for the Protection of Hijab (Protect Hijab For Assembly), the conference and again declare, that the 4 September 2004 as the International Hijab Solidarity Day (International Hijab Solidarity Day). Because students and Muslim students in Europe will all go back to school at the time, the participants will stay to witness the struggle defend a young Muslim girl who gets the West discriminatory treatment. "The reason is because their Hijab. Unfortunately, in Indonesia, the Hijab, as the opportunity mestunya even wasted, "continued Ricki. Each of the International Hijab Solidarity Day, the student campus in the Indonesian action. In the last three years on the campus of West Sumatra berpatipasi also memperingatinya share with the poor flyers, and appeal to the Muslim.

Kebaya and Muslim wedding dress

Muslimah who want to put on clothes penganti now many more Muslims. The need for the Muslim clothing that cover the meeting of Muslim aura is the greater. No wonder if the Muslim clothing has become a trend that requires the latest designs, such as the load in this beautiful book.

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